Lement Pro is a low-code platform
that helps your business
to achieve its goals

You can manage business processes and resources,
You can control objects and finances,
You can work remotely or in the office
within a single easy-to-use platform.


Digitize processes and communications with Lement Pro and start leveraging your competitive advantage 100%. In a single environment. In real time.


бизнес-процессы в lement pro

Set up your business for results

Easy-to-understand routing tools for modeling business processes will help you to streamline the “architecture” of your company.


See the whole picture

Task and project management becomes transparent and efficient when managers, executors, contractors and partners interact in a single environment.


Get rid of routine and mistakes in documents

Quickly and without programmers, set up optimal and continuous digital workflow for reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

Andrey Shakhramanyan
“We have completely digitized the company's workflow by implementing Lement Pro. Face-to-face meetings were reduced by 90% — everything is solved online in the system within the framework of projects and tasks. We prepare documentation 3 times faster”.


Increase the level of responsibility

Reduce your meeting and reporting time with robotic technology in Lement Pro. Free the team from routine, it will quickly execute assignments and achieve goals.


Focus on the team

Set measurable goals for an employee, division or department using Lement Pro's strategic planning and performance monitoring tools. Control the process in real time.

bim lement pro

Move to digital construction management

Work with BIM models and their elements in conjunction with tasks, projects, processes and budget in one system.


Lement Pro is the number one management platform for the construction industry



Set up electronic document flow and start efficient and convenient work with electronic project documentation. Simulate preparation processes and reduce release’s time. Minimize errors. Lement Pro brings together geographically distributed design teams, contractors and suppliers in one system. Set access rights and control the project execution process.

bim проектирование



Automate processes and provide the team on site and in the office with a reliable tool for quick access to up-to-date information, documentation and BIM models. Where the construction object and its elements are related to the work schedule, documents, assignments, tasks, materials and contractors. With Lement Pro, specialists at the construction site and in the office work in a single system: planning, monitoring, executing.

bim строительство



Get rid of the routine — introduce 3D visualization and element flow technologies into your document flow. Plan inspections, register violations, mark defects and generate prescriptions in real time with reference to the elements of the BIM model of the object. Keep under control the process of eliminating defects in accordance with regulations.

bim строительный контроль lement pro


Take advantage of the BIM model to solve operational problems with browser access without special software. Plan and control the execution of scheduled preventive and repair work. Interact with owners, tenants and contractors in a unified information environment Lement Pro. Extend the life cycle of operating facilities and increase their profitability, and reduce operating costs.

bim эксплуатация зданий



Measurable benefits for each participant in the construction process


lement pro для инвестора

Owner and investor

Conduct tenders and control your facilities and construction projects in a single system.


General contractor

Keep track of the budget and work schedule, receive operational reports.

lement pro для субподрядчиков


Create effective team communications on site and in the office.

Integrate your familiar tools into Lement Pro

google docs 1C Microsoft Project Mail

Strategic benefits of implementing the Lement Pro system


You can grow

  • Departmental productivity and employee personal efficiency
  • The degree of control over the work performance
  • Quality of preparation of documentation
  • Profitability of the company

You will minimize

  • Errors in documents
  • Operating costs
  • Decision time
  • Time of order execution

Not required

  • Capital investments in the company's IT infrastructure
  • Investments in personnel retraining
  • Global change in the company's business model
  • Revision of the principles of communication within the company and with counterparties

Our priority is a high level of customer service

We are always there to help.



Evaluate the speed and convenience of working in a "one window" with information from different systems. When copying is expensive, integrate your corporate systems and solutions into Lement Pro via API, using the services of our programmers, or on your own.



Keep your Lement Pro up and running in the best way for you. With the help of our own system administrator, or using our technical support service.

обучение и сертифицирование lement pro


Choose a training format which is convenient for you. We offer Lement Pro Online Course for users and administrators, which gives access to the knowledge base for self-study. Or we can teach in person to work with the Lement Pro system.


We can show and tell you much more about how Lement Pro can help you business.

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